Sore Throat

Pain killing medications  and throat lozenges are available  for adults and children at supermarkets, chemists and local stores please follow the packet instructions. Even tonsillitis usually settles without an antibiotic. The following information has been taken from NHS Choices: If you or someone in your family has a sore throat, the tips below may help relieve the symptoms:

  • Avoid food or drink that is too hot as this could irritate your throat.
  • Eat cool, soft food and drink cool or warm liquids.
  • Adults and older children can suck lozenges, hard sweets, ice cubes or ice lollies.
  • Avoid smoking and smoky environments.
  • Regularly gargle with a mouthwash of warm, salty water to reduce any swelling or pain.
  • Drink enough fluids, especially if you have a high temperature (fever).

Further advice:

Visit your local pharmacist for advice, see your GP. Only call 111 in very severe cases needing urgent attention